Computers are now part of everyday life for most people. Whether you are a young user or as old user; a home user or a business user; you probably rely on a computer as part of your daily routine. Like all forms of technology, things can and do go wrong. There are many things that can go wrong with computers from hardware failure to software corruption/infection. Hardware failure can happen because components can overheat, or simply wear out (especially components with moving parts such as power supply units and hard disk drives) and this is quite easy to diagnose and repair. Software issues can be a lot more complicated; the operating system can become corrupt, drivers can fail and malware and viruses can grind the system to a halt.

Pay as you Go

We provide hardware and software support to both the domestic and commercial market and offer a variety of support solutions. Our most popular solution is PAYG remote support. If you have an issue you can purchase a support token (see below) and we can remote control your computer and diagnose and repair any software or operating system issues, including the removal of malware and virus.

1x token = 1x hour remote session and costs £15

5x tokens at the discount price of £60

Ad-Hoc Payment - If I have done some work for you on an 'honour' basis, you can donate here

PC Health Check

Most computer problems can be prevented by regular maintenance or ‘house-keeping’ For 1x token I can perform the following task to make your computer run as good as new:

  • Check for virus and Malware
  • Check drivers and updates
  • Check for registry errors and repair
  • Defragment registry and disks
  • Check for disk errors
  • Optimise your internet connection
  • Perform system tweaks to increase performance

Monthly Support Contracts

We offer a range of support contracts for business users – please use the contact page to enquire further.

Home/Site Visit

If we are unable to resolve your problem remotely, on-site support is available subject to location.

Data Recovery

Please use the contact page to enquire further.