Custom Builds

If your computer requirement are simple and you need a PC to browse the web or for word-processing, spreadsheets etc. then there are some great deals available from electrical retailers and on the internet. If, however your requirements are beyond that and you require a PC for gaming or high end video editing/rendering etc. then it is far more cost effective to cherry pick components and go for a custom build.

New Builds

For a nominal fee, we can recommend the best possible build (together with a list of suppliers of the components at the best prices) according to your requirements and budget. If you are not confident enough to put the components together yourself; for a further fee we can do this for you.


If you have existing equipment, we can suggest and implement upgrades from RAM, processor, SSD etc. to overclocking and water cooling solutions.

Refurbished PC's

If a new PC/build is not financially viable we stock a large selection of refurbished PC’s and laptops. All refurbished PC’s/laptops will come with a fresh Windows install with all the latest updates and are guaranteed for 3 months. Please use the contact form to enquire.

Home Networking

We can recommend or build home storage/media servers and provide wired or wireless home networking solutions.